[ DECEMBER 6, 2016 ]     -     STEPH
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Emily swung by the other day so we could go through the photo selects for her new portfolio. I swear, every time she's about to leave I end up with rad snapshots. Here's a couple as
she was walking through my courtyard on her way out.

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[ DECEMBER 3, 2016 ]     -     MOLLY WATER®
We are beyond ecstatic to start expanding Molly Water® in to Los Angeles. Our distributors are starting to canvas markets and retail locations throughout LA which means all of my
fellow Angeleno's can now purchase the water right here at home. What a wild ride it's been so far and I can't wait to see what the future holds. P.s. We just did an LA street campaign. If
you happen to stumble upon our posters on the streets of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, be sure to send me a photo!

Leica Typ 109
[ DECEMBER 2, 2016 ]     -     LIFE
Some of my favorite moments in life are the ones shared through wine and nights that turn into mornings. When there's no agenda, no plan and no reason for celebrating except for
the fact that you're alive. What a great feeling it is to talk and laugh and dance and share experiences with people whose energy reflects yours. Life is short, stop living in a way that
doesn't allow you to enjoy the little things. The things that we take for granted, the minuet moments that pass us by. As the saying goes, "we're here for a good time, not a long time". I
wish you all nothing but true and genuine happiness.

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[ DECEMBER 1, 2016 ]     -     SHAY
Some old film rolls of Shay.

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We recently discovered a few of our Shay Maria posters from 2013. Since we constantly get requests from you guys to add more images from when her hair was dyed, I figured this post
was mandatory. The following images were shot during the same session as the
poster. I'm not sure if we ever released these but here you go. Enjoy!

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[ DECEMBER 4, 2016 ]     -     EMILY
There's nothing more intriguing than a woman that is completely confident with who she is and what she stands for. A complex female that liberates herself through her intelligence,
presence, self-esteem, visual interpretation and appreciation for her physical attributes. A girl whose moral compass is never compromised as she explores the world and illuminates it
through her own scope. That is pretty much my friend,
Steph. She is hands down one of the few people I can truly talk to and the way she views life is not only infectious, it's also quite
inspiring. She does what she wants, she's genuinely happy and she has a heart of gold. What more could you ask for in a human.

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[ DECEMBER 5, 2016 ]     -     SHAY