[ DECEMBER 22, 2016 ]     -     LIFE
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Emily swung by the other day so we could go through the photo selects for her new portfolio. I swear, every time she's about to leave I end up with rad snapshots. Here's a couple as
she was walking through my courtyard on her way out.

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[ DECEMBER 3, 2016 ]     -     MOLLY WATER®
We are beyond ecstatic to start expanding Molly Water® in to Los Angeles. Our distributors are starting to canvas markets and retail locations throughout LA which means all of my
fellow Angeleno's can now purchase the water right here at home. What a wild ride it's been so far and I can't wait to see what the future holds. P.s. We just did an LA street campaign. If
you happen to stumble upon our posters on the streets of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, be sure to send me a photo!

Leica Typ 109
[ DECEMBER 2, 2016 ]     -     LIFE
Some of my favorite moments in life are the ones shared through wine and nights that turn into mornings. When there's no agenda, no plan and no reason for celebrating except for
the fact that you're alive. What a great feeling it is to talk and laugh and dance and share experiences with people whose energy reflects yours. Life is short, stop living in a way that
doesn't allow you to enjoy the little things. The things that we take for granted, the minuet moments that pass us by. As the saying goes, "we're here for a good time, not a long time". I
wish you all nothing but true and genuine happiness.

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[ DECEMBER 1, 2016 ]     -     SHAY
Some old film rolls of Shay.

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We recently discovered a few of our Shay Maria posters from 2013. Since we constantly get requests from you guys to add more images from when her hair was dyed, I figured this post
was mandatory. The following images were shot during the same session as the
poster. I'm not sure if we ever released these but here you go. Enjoy!

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[ DECEMBER 4, 2016 ]     -     EMILY
There's nothing more intriguing than a woman that is completely confident with who she is and what she stands for. A complex female that liberates herself through her intelligence,
presence, self-esteem, visual interpretation and appreciation for her physical attributes. A girl whose moral compass is never compromised as she explores the world and illuminates it
through her own scope. That is pretty much my friend,
Steph. She is hands down one of the few people I can truly talk to and the way she views life is not only infectious, it's also quite
inspiring. She does what she wants, she's genuinely happy and she has a heart of gold. What more could you ask for in a human.

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[ DECEMBER 5, 2016 ]     -     SHAY
Katerina stopped by for another session. The more I photograph her, the more I get to know the person she truly is and how to capture it in a way that tells a story. I really admire the
honesty between us and the genuine dialog that we share. I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of her on here.

Leica typ 109
[ DECEMBER 12, 2016 ]     -     HOLIDAY PARTY
I decided to have a small gathering with a couple of my close friends. Nothing major, just a few bottles of wine and a lot of good conversation. That is exactly what happened until a
few bottles turned into a dozen and the night ended up going until about 4am. Luckily I was in no condition to operate the camera once the whiskey and party favors started coming
out. Overall, the night was a total success and I can't wait until our intimate dinner parties start taking place next month. Thank you to my handful of guests. Each of you add value to
my life and I appreciate the sincerity that we share. Till next time.

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[ DECEMBER 10, 2016 ]     -     BEKKA
Before Bekka moved to New York she was one of the few people I would always have around. Either on the phone, sending stupid texts or our infamous brunch dates throughout
Hollywood and Abbot Kinney. I truly miss her presence, her friendship and the moments we shared. Though we don't speak as much these days, finding photos of her always makes
me smile. That's the true magic about photography, you can always revisit the experiences you had with those who made a real impact on your life.

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[ DECEMBER 9, 2016 ]     -     OLYMPUS MJU
For some reason, people always come to me regarding advice on a cheap but solid film camera. I don't know why? I'm by no means a gear-head or a camera guru but I suppose I do
know what I like and what works for me. So, from my experience in the under $100 range, the
Olympus MJU (also known as the Stylus Infinity in the US) is an extremely well seasoned
point and shoot 35mm camera. I would even go as far as to say that if you shoot it with the right film (and speed) the camera can produce images similar to the
Yashica T4. Again, I said
"close to" and I know a lot of film Nazi's will most likely disagree with that statement but the clarity and contrast that this little gem outputs is superb. If you want even closer to or
pretty much the exact same T4 attributes, spend the extra money and get the MJU II.

Olympus MJU Special Edition
[ DECEMBER 6, 2016 ]     -     STEPH
Amongst the chaos of this weeks deadlines and day to day projects, I made time to mentally isolate myself and dig deep into my thoughts. I found myself reflecting on the year and the
events that have taken place. Every action leads to another, so I asked myself, "is the man you see in the mirror a person you're proud of?". Automatically I thought about how much I
like my life and how fortunate I am to be able to sustain and grow my physical surroundings. But then there was this haunting realization in regards to if I like myself and the man that I
was looking at. The answer was, no. I'm now 15lbs heavier than I was and I know I lack the motivation to grind; I mean really fucking grind. On top of that, I can't seem to shake this
overwhelming stress and dark cloud that stems from somewhere far beneath the smile and humor that I project. See, my whole life I have been haunted by this daunting depression
and a voice that tells me that I'm not good enough. That I'm going to end up alone and sad just like my father. Through the years I've taught myself how to quiet that dark place but it's
still there and it's at its happiest when I'm at my lowest. So, I stepped back further, looked at myself again and asked myself "how are you going to change the things you don't like?". I
think this is a natural question that we all ask ourselves and the answer is so simple. Purge yourself from the shit that distracts you and the negative energy that loves to feed off of your
discontentment. If something or someone is slowing you down, holding you back or not inspiring you to catch your dreams, let it [them] go. You need to be the master of your own
destiny, your own voice of reason and your own source of positivity. The only way to do so is to surround yourself with like minded ambitious individuals.

Throughout this mental expedition I have concluded that happiness is something that stems from within. There are no tangible goods or monetary gains that can replace the feeling of
being proud of the person you are. Your projection of yourself should be something of substance that spawns positivity and inspiration to others. There is so much negativity in this
world and it's so easy to be an asshole. Being nice and being a great person takes work. It takes effort and it should be the fundamental foundation of your existence. Unless you are
mentally proud of your own reflection you cannot live a true life of value.

So here I am, shedding all of the bullshit that I have collected. The weight, the fake interactions that have derailed my goals and the stress that comes along with worrying about other
peoples wellbeing before my own. I am now putting into motion a newer me, a better me, a man that carries himself with purpose and pride. I refuse to follow in my fathers footsteps
and I refuse to give up on the person I know I'm capable of being. Even though I know I am going to miss certain people and the antics that they brought to my life, this is a necessary
pain and void that I must go through in order to move forward. When all is said and done, we as humans don't have the capacity to make others happy unless we are first happy with

Your humble work-in-progress,

[ DECEMBER 21, 2016 ]     -     PRODUCT
Our WMBL Coffee Mugs and Zippo® Lighters are officially back in stock and going fast! We have been working around the clock to get you your orders shipped out as quickly as
possible. Thank you again to all of you who have placed an order. It's insane how many of you purchased these as Christmas gifts!

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[ DECEMBER 19, 2016 ]     -     KATERINA
Here's the set from my recent shoot with Katerina. Enjoy!

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[ DECEMBER 18, 2016 ]     -     MOLLY WATER®
Jana for Molly Water®.

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[ DECEMBER 17, 2016 ]     -     GRACE
Grace wearing my favorite Acne sweater

Canon 5D MK III
[ DECEMBER 15, 2016 ]     -     JARED
It's funny when people think or assume that I only photograph women. The truth is, most dudes are intimidated to work with me for some reason. Anyway, here's one of my dear
Jared. Or as our circle likes to call him, Jarebear. Love ya, buddy.

Canon 5D MK III
[ DECEMBER 14, 2016 ]     -     KATERINA